AXN Landing Gear


Versatile Mounting

  • The Pro50 and Pro60 use an 8-hole and 10-hole mounting flange, respectively.

Light Weight

  • The AXN Pro Series is lean and mean.  At under 187 lbs. for Pro50 and 206 lbs. for Pro60, form and function still goes hand in hand with quality.

Low Maintenance

  • The AXN Pro Series gearbox comes standard with specially formulated grease and our grease containment system extends maintenance intervals.

Robust Gusset and Housing

  • AXN brings you a unique and strong gusset in combination with a robust, formed axle tee housing. Support where you need it, when you need it!

Super Heavy-Duty Sandshoes

  • Redefines “Solid Durability”.

High-Strength Gearing

  • Made of forged steel gearing, the Pro Series has a balanced combination of speed and power.
  • High Ratio: 3.3 turns/inch of travel
  • Low Ratio: 25.4 turns/inch of travel


  • Lifting Capacity:
    • Pro50: 50,000 lbs.
    • Pro60: 60,000 lbs.
  • Static Load Capacity:
    • Pro50: 160,000 lbs.
    • Pro60: 210,000 lbs.

Premium Corrosion Protection*

  • The AXN Pro Series come standard with a superior E-coating for outstanding corrosion protection

* Footware options are also separately available galvanized.



  • AXN Pro Series Landing Gear are backed with a competitive 5-year* warranty.  

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* Specialty axles and non-standard applications may be excluded.