AXN Heavy Duty Headquarters and Warehouse in USA

5534 National Turnpike • Louisville, KY, 40214, USA • Phone: (502) 361-2047 • Fax: (502) 361-2313

AXN maintains on-site Engineers, Logistics and Quality Control Managers to support our North American Customers:
Final Assembly, Distribution and Remanufacturing Center

> Direct Shipment Planning

> 93,000 square feet of manufacturing and kitting space

> Ideally located for quick response to customer demand

FUWA's Manufacturing Facility in Taishan

This flagship, state-of-the-art FUWA facility, completed in 2010, was designed and is staffed by Fuwa & AXN Heavy Duty Managers and Engineers. This Eco-friendly complex is located in Taishan, China, and features:
> 5.5 million square feet of manufacturing area
> Twelve (12) large manufacturing plants
> State-of-the-art Design with fully-automated Manufacturing equipment
> High quality standards with 
ISO/TS 9001:2008 & ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certifications
> Experienced on-site western management
> Eco-friendly, self-sustaining, manufacturing community
> Living quarters for employees with restaurant, fish farm, health club and amenities